Avi Levkovitz

Moral and Thermodynamics

This book is ..  a masterpiece.  and would have become a bestseller…. And I wish it to become a bestseller ….

“Entropy” tells the story of physical quantity, entropy, or rather the nature law that defines it, the second law of thermodynamics. The first half of the book is a scientific history, and more or less trying to explain in a plain  and understandable language a hard-to-explain subject. Weather it succeeds in it or not, the main thing is to go through the second and more philosophical half. Once the concept of entropy is an integral part of probabilistic world, it can be a part of any other probabilistic world. And here is where the great advocates of the physical approach to Social Studies can hold their heads up. The book explains in a different way, and I think clearer one, what another book released last year (“The Social Atom”) tried to claim – our world is conducted by the laws of nature and not by chance, at least not by chance as we interpret the term “chance”. We really have no freedom of choice to determine where the world is heading to because even the concept of “free choice” needs redefinition. The law of nature, according to Kafri, is second law of thermodynamics. The moment we understand what entropy is, we understand well what chance is and what free will is.